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Accommodation Facilities at Tirupati

Visiting pilgrims are provided with padi accommodation, free choultries, and dormitories at Tirupati. They can choose free halls where luggage can be kept in the lockers, sleep in the common hall and make use of common toilet and bathrooms. for single photo id-proof is mandatory.

it will be difficult to get accommodation at Tirumala during weekends. festivals and seasonal vacations. hence pilgrims are advised to stay at Tirupati itself and visit Tirumala at the allotted time and date.

Srinivasam Complex: It is located opposite to RTC Bustand, 10minutes walk from railway station Tirupati Phone number. 0877-2264541/2264540

Madhavam: Madhavam rest house is located in the premises of srinivasam complex. Allotted of room of the madhavam rest house are done at the srinivasam complex itself on first cum first serve basic. for contact phone 0877-2264435

Vishnu Nivasanam: it is located opp. to the railway station. Phone 0877-2264462, 0877-2264469

Sri Venkateswara rest house: it is also located opposite to the railway stations, Tirupati Phone number. 0877-2264435

2&3 Choultries: Sri govindaraa swamy Choultry ( 2-Choultry) nd Sri kondarama Swamy choultries (3-choultry) relocated behind the railway station at Tirupati. Phone 0877-2264503

Bhudevi pilgrim amenities complex, Alipiri: it is located near alipiri, the foot of the hills. it is a main pilgrim amenities complex with 3 spacious halls. Phone 0877-2264502
Sri Padmavathi rests House: it is located opposite to the Sri Venkateswara University at Tirupati. The room is generally allotted to VIP’s only. There is no reservation of accommodation facility or this rest house. Phone 0877-2264510/2264511

Note: rooms will not be allocated for a single person in any of the TTD Choultries, rest houses, etc.

Accommodation in Tirumala

There are in all-around 7000 odd rooms available at Tirumala to accommodate nearly 50,000 pilgrims on any given any ranging from 50 rupees to 6000 rupees. Pilgrim amenities complexes PACs. There are 4 Pilgrim amenities complexes in Tirumala. Out of which 2 are earmarked for the pilgrims, PAC-3 has been allotted to accommodate female srivari seva volunteers and PAC-4 is converted as Common luggage centre.

1) PAC-1 No. Of halls available: 4 Halls and 1255 Lockers
2) Pac-2 No. Of halls available: 11 halls and 3200 Lockers.

Token Allotment System: To give more enhanced and transparent services to the pilgrims in booking accommodation at Tirumala, TTD has come up with the new token system for allotment of cottages from the 2017 year onwards. The rooms will be categorized into two, with tariffs ranging between 50 rupees and 100 under ” A” Category and those with a tariff of Rs. 150, Rs.200, Rs.250 and Rs.500 falling under ” B” Category.

The pilgrims will have to register with their phone number and aadhar card. the pilgrim will receive SMS if the allotment is confirmed and the pilgrim will be allotted room without waiting in queue lines for hours together. as soon as the pilgrim gets the message he/she will have to procure the room within half an hour of paying the requisite amount otherwise, the accommodation will go to next immediate person in the sequence of registration. Recently TTD has also introduced some incentives to the pilgrims for online advance bookings of accommodations.

How to reach Tirupati

Tirupati is well connected by road, rail and air. Pilgrims can travel from their home places to Tirupati directly through any mode of transportation. The APSRTC operates regular bus services to Tirumala from railway station. Central Bus station, Sri Padmavati and Balaji Link bus station located in different parts of Tirupati, at a convenient frequency based on the arrivals of pilgrims.

Fare for adult 53 Rupees
for children 29 Children’s.

Pilgrims can save time and money by purchasing return journey for a combination ticket for 96 rupees ( adult) and 52 rupees ( child) if they purchase return journey ticket too at Tirupati itself. these tickets are valid for three days from date of purchase.

TTD Alipiri Toll Gate Rates
Own Vehicles: Cars (1+5 seater) including cars – 25 Rupees
Government vehicles 15 rupees
Jeeps ( 1+8 capacity) – 50 Rupees (including sumo, Tempo Trax, Maruthi van, etc – 30 rupees
Half body lorries – 50 rupees
Full Body – 100 Rupees

Hired Vehicles – Yellow board

Cars (1+5 seater) including cars – 25 Rupees
Jeeps ( 1+8 capacity) – 50 Rupees
Taxis 1+5 Including cars
Vans (1+12) 60 Rupees
Two Wheeler- 2 Rupees

The toll gates rates have to be paid for every trip on the ghat road. Vehicles with more than 1+12 seater capacity are not allowed to ply on the Tirumala ghat roads. Ghat road remains closed between 12 midnight and 3 am. Carrying prohibited items to Tirumala like meat food, tobacco, liquor, and other intoxicants are strictly banned.

Estimated Travel time in Ghat roads: to avoid ghat road accidents, TTD Has made restricted travel time mandatory for the safety of the pilgrims. The Upward ghat road travel time is fixed as 28 minutes and the downward ghat road travel time is set as 40minutes for any vehicle plying on the ghat roads.

Automobile Clinic: In the case of vehicles breakdown and accidents on ghat roads, pilgrims may contact 087772263636/9000503089 and 108 for the assistance for auto clinic crane and ambulance respectively. the vehicles reach the spot within the reasonable time services charges collected s per rates in vogue.

Refund incentive: The Pilgrim are being refunded 50% if they vacate the rooms before 12 hours and25% if they vacate the rooms between 12 and 18 hours. The amount will be credited back to their original source of payments within seven working days. if the pilgrims cancel their online booking of accommodation two days before, they will get 100% reimbursement.

Help desks are being run with Srivari Seva Volunteers in VQC I and II Compartments which is also giving feedback from pilgrims. The freephone facility arranged in the compartments for the sake of pilgrims to inform their movements to their kin and kith.

Arjitha Seva, Daily Sevas in Tirumala

Name of the SevaNo.of PersonsDaysAmount for Ticket
Thomala Seva1Tue, Wed, Thurs220.00
Archana1Tue, Wed, Thurs220.00
Kalyanotsavam2Every day 1000.00
Dolotsavam/Unjal Seva1Every day200.00
Arjitha Brahmotsavam1Every day200.00
Vasanthotsavam1Every day300.00
Sahasra Deepalankara Seva1Every day200.00

Kalyanakatta Tonsuring Centre

Most o the pilgrims including women visiting the temple of Lord Venkateswara take a vow to offer their hair and fulfill their wish as a mark of total Surrenderance to the facilitate the pilgrims to fulfill their vow TTD has set up Kalyanakattas in Tirumala with the sufficient number of men and women barbers.

Purohit Sangham: The Purohit sangham at tirumala offers services like ear boring, Upanayanam, Marriage etc. The fees has been dispensed by TTD. Online booking of marriage has been initiated melam and Purohit are also provided free of cost to conduct the marriage.

Laddu Prasadams: TTD has now simplified the process for issuing laddu prasadams. Every devotee will get a minimum of four laddus each after darshan about 47 Counters are operating every day in laddu complex round the clock to issue laddus to pilgrims.

Darshan: as more than 70,000 to 80,000 pilgrims visit to Sri Venkateswara Swamy vari temple every day on an average. TTD has initiated the following efficient system of darshan under different categories for the sake of multitude of pilgrims visiting Tirumala day in and day-out.

Note: The amendments in the queue line system brought near vendi vakili recently is also yielding fruit results avoiding jostling among pilgrims. Theertham is now distributed to pilgrims in two lines.

TTD Seva lucky DIP System

Lucky dip system of allotting arjitha seva tickets to common pilgrims. With a noble intention to enable common pilgrims also to witness rare arjitha sevas that are being performed to the presiding deity of Lord Venkateswara in Tirumala temple every day, TTD has introduced Lucky Dip system of allotting arjitha seva tickets.

Desirous devotees can enroll their names through bio-metric system by giving their Aadhaar number and phone number as mandatory for enrolling at current booking, Vijaya Bank Counter located at CRO in Tirumala between 11am and 5pm for various arjitha seva tickets, the previous day. Every day dip will run at 6pm in the presence of enrolled pligirms through LED screens. The pilgrims who received the seva tickets are intimated immediately by the way of SMS to their registered mobile number duly intimating them to purchase soya tickets before 10 p.m.

Current Booking Certain arjitha seva tickets which are very limited in pilgrims to book under current booking in Vijaya Bank counter at Tirumala one day in advance, the pilgrims are requested to enrol their name through bio-metric system, giving their Aadhaar and phone numbers as mandatory for enrolling in the counter between 11am and 5pm for various arjitha seva tickets.

The previous day, Every day DIP will run at 6 p.m. in the presence of grihasta pilgrims through LED screens. The sucessful pilgrims will be sent SMS to their registered mobile number duly intimating them to purchase the seva tickets before 8:30 pm

TTD Seva Electronic DIP

Seva Electronic DIP: TTD resolved to organize an ‘electronic dip’ in the allocation of the on-line quota of arjitha seva tickets to provide equal opportunities to all devotees who wish to take part in the pre-dawn rituals weekly sevas.

The ‘lucky dip’ will imply for six premier sevas, including the pre-dwan rituals such as Suprabhatam, Thomala Archana, Astadala Pada Padmaradhana seva, archana seva, Visesh Any number of devotees can register their names against the seva they wish to participate through aadhra orgnised after a week and the pilgirms who recieved the ttd seva tickets will be intimated by e-mail and their registered mobile numbers. it is only after the receipt of confirmatic that the payment gateway will open to eligible devotees for three days. If the devotees fail to make the payment within stipulated tickets will get canceled. The second dip will be organized.

Note: The Devotees who secure tickets under this system will be entitled to participate again only after six months.

For the remaining tickets relating to Kalyanotsavam, Unjal seva, Arjitha Brahmotsavam, Vasanthotsavam, and Sahasra Deepalankara eva, the devotees shall register normal booking system by logging into TTD Website and book their desired sevas.

Dress Code: To enhance the spiritual and devotional ambiance among the pilgrims, TTD has made the following traditional Indian Dress code mandatory for the Arjitha Sevas, Break Darshan and Special Entry Darshan ( 300 Rupees only) Pilgrims.

For men: Dhoti and Shirt/ Kurta Pyjama
For Women: Chudidar-Pyjama with Duppatta ( Upper Cloth)

Free Facilities in Tirumala

Meals: Wholesome and delicious free meals in being provided to the devotees in the TTD Annaprasadam Complex from 9am to 11pm continuously, in the queue comportments, at PAC-2, in the queue lines and in footpath routes.

Accommodation: Rooms and pilgrim amenities Complexes are open available to the pilgrims for their accommodation and stay.

Laddu prasadam: TTD has now simplified the system of issuing laddu prasadams. Every devotee will a minimum of four laddus after darshan. 47 Laddu counters operate round the clock Tirumala for issuing laddus to Pilgrims. There is also a privilege of booking extra laddus online, Through e-darshan and post offices also while booking 300 Special darshan tickets.

Jala Prasadam: Free Mineral water facility is available to the pilgrims across Tirumala.

Medical Aid: Pilgrims are given free medical aid at Aswini hospital and Vaikuntam Q Complex 1, Case of emergency, the patients will be sent to the SVRR Government general hospital SVIMS or BIRRD for treatment at tirupati. Apollo Cardiac Centre is also attached to hospital in Tirumala to offer preliminary medical aid to the patients suffering heart ailments.

Transport: Free Buses are operated within Tirumala for the benefit of pilgrims. it covers cottages, choultries, temple and other places

Tonsure: Pilgrims can fulfil their vow for tonsure either at Kalyanakatta, PAC-1 and 2 at free of cost

BatteryCars: for the aged and physically challenged persons to have darshan, TTD has arranged battery cars and wheels chairs from SV Museum to the Queue line meant for this category of pilgrims nearby temple

Announcements: Free announcement facility is available in the radio and Broadcasting centre located at Asthana Mandapam if any pilgrims goes missing in Tirumala. The announcements are made i n Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Hindi and English Phone number 0877-2263660

Common Luggage Centre In PAC-IV

PAC-IV old annaprasada Bhavanam in Tirumala is convered into a common luggage centre where the goods including the baggage and mobiles of the pilgrims are deposited by the pilgrims at different places in Tirumala, collected, stored and safely returned to the pilgrims. The ground floor of PAC-IV is reopened for the utility of the pilgrim. Three more counters are also opened at Supadham area.

There are free shoe keeping centers located at VQC-II Footpath scanning area, ATC Dispensary SMC Area. Rambgeecha Resthouse, KKC and Annaprasadam Complex.

In Tirupati and Tiruchanoor: TTD Has many kalyana mandapam at Tirupati near Tiruchanoor road. They are very spacious and have al amenities. for further details pleace contact EO.

Free Facilities in Tirupati:

Meals: Wholesome free meals is being provided to the devotees in the Anna Prasadam complex at Tiruchanor and at Vishnunivasam & Srinivasam Complexes in Tirupati.

Transportation: Free bus facility is available from tirupati railway station to Alipiri and Srivari Mettu footpaths. Free bus timings 4:40am to 9pm at Alipiri and 4:40am to 4:40pm at Srivari Mettu.

Luggage: TTD Provides free trasportation of the Luggage & Baggage of the pilgrims who are trekking the footpath either through Alipiri and Srivari mettu.

Medical Aid: Pilgrims are given Free medical aid at Tiruchannor, II Choulty, Srivari Mettu & Alipiri Footpaths, Srinivasam and Vishnuivasam Dispensaries.

Call center in Tirupati: The TTD Call center in Tirupati Functions 24*7 wherein the pilgrim can get any information regarding Darshan, Accommodation, Donation trusts and Schemes, Online Booking Process etc. contact Numbers 087-2233333, 2277777 Toll-Free Number 180042533333, 1800 425 4141. Website e-mail:

TTD Pilgrim Facilitation Centres in Tirumala:

As corporate Social Responsibility, Andhra bank has come forward to maintain TTD Information counters in Tirumala set up at various places in and around Tirumala for the sake of the Pilgrims. There are about ten centers working round the clock located at GNC Tollgate, Opposite to RTC Bus stand, CRO, Vigilance sankumitta, ATC, KKC main, Rambageech, Vrahaswamy rest house near Asthanamanadapam. Beside the above TTD is also Maintaining some more information centers at Renigunta, tiruchanoor and Tirupati.

TTD Donation Trusts and Schemes:

Besides being the custodian of Hindu Sanatana Dharma, the temple administration of tirumala tirupati devasthanam TTD also operates nine trusts and a scheme for the welfare of vairous sections of the people. The donation can be made by way of cheque/Demand Draft drawn on any scheduled bank drawn in favor of the executive office, Name of trust/Scheme. TTD Tirupati

Individuals firms companies etc. Can make donations to the trysts or scheme and they are all eligible for Income text benefit, under section 80G of the Indian Income Tax act for all the TTD Trusts.

For Sri Balaji Arogya Varaprasadini Scheme SVIMS, Individuals firms, companies etc. Can donation and they are eligible for income tax benefit under section 35 i, ii of the indian income tax.

For sri Balaji Arogya Varaprasadini Scheme (SVIMS), Individuals, Firms:

Online Donor Activation Scheme/Service

TTD has upgraded the existing donor Management system into a web-based Donor managements System so as to provide hassle-free services to donors. The privileges to donors are now extended 8 hours from the date of realization of amounts. for further details contact 0877-2263472/3727

Sri Venkateswara Pranadana Trust:

Sri Venkateswara Pranadana trust aims to provide free medical facilities to poor patients afflicted with life-threatening diseases related to the heart, kidneys, brain, cancer etc. for which the treatment is very expensive and beyond the reach of poor patients. For further information Contact 0877-2277777 or 2233333

Sri Venkateswara Annaprasadam Trust:

Sri Venkateswara Annaprasadam Trust provides free meals in Tirumala, Tirupati and Tiruchannor on an average not less than one lakh pilgrims a day. for further information contact 0877-2277777 Or 2233333 Or 2264375

Sri Balaji Institute of Surgery, research, and Rehabilitation or the disable BIRRD Trust. Sri balaji Institute of Surgery, Research and rehabilitation for the disabled BIRRD trust hospital is the only unique Orthopaedic super specialty institution of its kind in the country catering the needs of the differently-abled persons at free of cost.

Sri Venkateswara Sarvsreyas Trust Balamadir Trust.

The TTD has undertaken various social and welfare activities in fulfillment of its motto of ” Serving the Lord by Serving humanity” with a view to give a helping hand to the destitute and orphans, the TTD has established Sri Venkateswara Balamandir in Tirupati in the year 1942which has now transformed as Sri Venkateswara Sarvasreyas trust. This trust provides free accommodation, boarding, and education to disadvantaged children of both sexes. For further information contact 0877-2277777 or 2233333

Sri Venkateswara Heritage Preservation Trust:

Our temples are the identity of our rich culture, heritage and hindu Sanatana dhrma. They not only enrich our spirituality but also are the repositories of art and architecture with a view to accomplish this lofty aim Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams has launched ” Sri Venkateswara Heritge Preservation Trust”. or further information contact Please contact 0877-2277777

Sri Venkateswara Gosamrakshana Trust:

with an aim to protect and preserve the indegenous breeds of cow, TTD has setup this trust in the year 1992. For further information contact 0877-2277777 or 2233333

SV Vidhyadana Trust

with an aim to offer help to the BPL Students to pursue higher education, TTD has started this nobble trust for further information contact 0877-2277777 or 22333333

Sri Srinivas Sankara Netralaya Trust:

to offer state-of-art treatment to patients suffering from eye diseases TTD has set up this trust in 2013. For further information please contct 0877-2277777

Sri Balaji Arogyavaraprasadini Scheme SVIMS:

To accomplish the goal of making available the cutting edge medical technology to every individual an affordable rate TTD has commenced Sri balaji Arogyavaraprsadini Scheme. for further information please contact 0877-2277777


Sarva Darshanam is free darshan where in the pilgrims wait for their turn to have darshan sitting comfortably in the spacious, air conditioned and well organized interconnected compartments in massive Vaikuntam queue complex II which facilitate darshan to pilgrims in an orderly manner.

Free food, beverages, RO Water is served to pilgrims round the clock. access cards are issued to the pilgrims in compartments 6 for the sake of pilgrims who wish to avoid long waiting hours in compartments.

Note: TTD Is contemplating to provide time slot darshan to this category pilgrims also on the lines of RS. 300/- and footpath darshan soon for the convenience of the pilgrims.

Divya darshanam

Many pilgrims take a vow to go on foot from downhill to Tirumala. There are two sopana margams footpath routes to reach Tirumala one from alipiri and another from srivari mettu. The Alipiri footpath route is about 7.8Km and the srivari mettu footpath route is 2.1km.

Caution: Pilgrims suffering from chronic illness like BP, Heart, and lung disease are advised not to climb up the hills on foot, s a measure of precautions.

Facilities to footpath pilgrims

TTD is providing several facilities to the pilgrims who are visiting the temple of lord Venkateswara by trekking through either alipiri or srivari mettu footpath routes. Pilgrims can use free facilities available in the pilgrim amenities Hall at srinivasam complex, situated opposite to the RTC Complex at Tirupati, 2nd choutly near the Tirupati Railway station and at the bhudevi complex located near the alipiri Bus station.

TTD runs free buses from the Tirupati railway station to alipiri and srivari mettu. Pilgrims are requested to keep their luggage secured with safe lock and key in the luggage counters located at foot path routes.

TTD has introduced time slot system for this category of darshan also by issuing 20 thousand token every day which includes 14 thousand tokens at Alipiri footpath route and 6000 tokens in srivari mettu to avoid long waiting hours in compartments.

RS.300/- Special entry darshan

The special entry darshan facility was introduced to provide quick darshan to the pilgrims when the pilgrims rush is heavy. TTD has now streamlined the system by introducing time slot facility to enable hassle-free darshan to pilgrims within a couple of hours. Majority of these tickets can be booked through online system apart from e-Darshan counters, post oficers and current booking counters at srinivasam complex in Tirupati on the first come first serve basis.

The Rs 300/- special entry darshan tickets can also be booked by the pilgrims in the on-line centers located across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states.

Every week 1.40 lakh tickets are being provided to pilgrims through online in Special entry Darshan.

Weekly Poojas in Tirumala

Name of the SevaNo.of PersonsDaysAmount for Ticket
Vishesa Pooja1Monday600
Astadala Pada Padmaradhana1Tuesday1250
Sahasra Kalasabhishekam1Wednesday850
Thiruppavada Seva1Thursday850
Melchat Vastram2Friday12,250
Nijapada Darshanam1Friday200

Special darshan for aged and Physically challenged

This special darshan is arranged for the differently abled and the aged pilgrims through a separate entry gate near Tirumala Nambi temple. The pilgrims falling under this category will be allowed in two different slots at 10 am and another at 3 pm every day except on Fridays where only afternoon slot is allowed, on showing their age proof id-cards/relevant medical certificates.

To avoid waiting hours, TTD Has brought many changes in the recent times. The token for both the time slots wth 750 in each slot will be issued to the pilgrims falling under this category in the counter arranged opposite to SV Museum in Tirumala.

Note: The Pilgrims who have crossed 65 years of age are allowed for aged people darshan.

Privileged Darshan for parents with infants below one year of age: TTD Provides free darshan to the parents through the Supatham entry point having infants below one year age. The parents have to bring a birth certificate or discharge summary of the baby along with photo ID Proof of both the parents.

Periodical Sevas in Tirumala

Name of the SevaNo.of PersonsDaysAmount for Ticket
Float Festival1Feb/March500
Annual Vasanthotsavam1March/April300
Padmavati Parinyam1May1000
Abhidheyaka Abhishekam1June400
Pushpa Pallaki1July200
Pushpa Yagam1November700
Koli Alwar Tirumanjanam1Yearly four times300

Darshan for the couples who wed in Tirumala: Devotees can avail the marriage service free of cost in Kalyana vedika at Tirumala and rest of the services on payment o prescribed amount.

The devotees who intend to perform marriage can avail online advance booking 90days in advance through besides current booking on free of cost. TTD Provides free darshan to the couples who wed at Kalyana vedika along with their parents.

A Total of six members are allowed for darshan through 300 rupees darshan entry free of cost on submitting relevant marriage registration certificate. In addition, one room in 50 rupees tariff, turmeric, vermilion, Kankanams, and 10 free laddus will be provided at free of cost. For more details contact phone. 0877 2263433

Darshan for NRIs and in-service Defence personnel

TTD also provides darshan through Supadham to NRIs and Defence personnel on the payment of Rs.300/- per ticket. The pilgrims falling under these categories should bring their passport and relevant ID Proofs which are mandatory. Check TTD NRI Darshan for more info.

Darshan for Angapradakshina Pilgrims

Pilgrims who take a vow to perform Angapradakshinam in srivari temple should obtain bio-metric Token showing their aadhar card at the Central Reception Office in Tirumala, on da day 750 tokens are issued.

These tokens will not be issued on Thursday to do Angapradkshina on Fridays and during Important festival occasions. The pIlgrims performing Angapradakshinam should first take holy bath in the Swamy Pushkarini Temple tank and report at Vaikuntam Queue complex-1 VQC-1 at the specified time mentioned in the token.


Tulabharam is an age-old practice followed by the devout as a mode of expressing their gratitude the presiding deity for answering their prayers. Under this, a devotee offers coins equivalent to his or her weight, commodities such as rice, sugar, wheat, sugar, jaggery, etc.

generally used in the preparations of daily prasadams to Lord Venkateswara inside the temple kitchen. now devotees can simply deposit cash equivalent to the cost of the commodities as either in the Indian Bank or Syndicate bank at Tirumala, which in turn transfers the amount to the temple accounts.