YS Jagan is appointing YV Subbareddy as Chairman of TTD board

ttd Chairman subbareddy
ttd Chairman subbareddy

YS Jagan is appointing YV Subbareddy as Chairman of TTD board. CM Jagan finalizes YV Subba Reddy as the new chairman for TTD. Twitterian angry on YV Subbareddy appointed as TTD Chairman.

YSRCP has just given TTD chairman post to YV Subba Reddy a staunch Christian. His religion in WiKi deleted immediately on announcement Why can’t a Hindu be appointed as TTD Chairman? Why Christians are being appointed? Just to siphon off fund for conversion?

YS Jagan Appointing YV Subbareddy as Chairman Of TTD

Recently vice president announced, TTD funds should be used exclusively for propagating Sanathana Dharma and providing facilities to pilgrims, but not for any other purpose. appreciate TTD for conducting such a massive ‘Annadaana’ program on a daily basis for thousands of devotees.

Rumors of YSRC leader YV Subba Reddy, allegedly a Christian, being appointed the head of TTD Trust sparks protests Previously, the TDP government under N Chandrababu Naidu had appointed Putta Sudhakar Yadav as the Chairman of the TTD board. He is yet to resign from the board despite his party lost the state elections to the YSR Congress.

The Hans India article, The YSRCP leader and Ongole MP, YV Subba Reddy, participated in the prayers at a church in Tangutur. He said that everyone should take the path of Jesus and contribute from their hard earned money for the welfare and happiness of fellow human beings and society. Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy has decided to appoint his close relative and former Ongole MP Y V Subba Reddy as the new chairman of TTD.

YV Subbareddy Religion, Caste details

  • Christian / Hindu
  • Reddy

YV Subbareddy TTD Chairman Reportedly, Subba Reddy is being picked up as YS Jagan Reddy feels that his uncle is a man who has a spiritual and religious bent of mind. Twitter users and practicing Hindus were found to be upset as the rumors began to spread that a converted Christian was chosen as the Chairman of one of the Hindu’s most sacred and spiritual shrines in the country. Check Out Below twitter posts. Meanwhile, the current body of TTD is reluctant to step down. Putta Sudhakar Yadav is the current chairman of TTD and a few days back the general body meeting of TTD was held amidst uproar from YSRCP.

Recent Mohan Babu Tweet:
I have been reading the news &getting calls that I am in the race for TTD Chairman post. My ambition was to see Shri. Jagan as the CM & worked towards it &contributed my bit. I came back to politics because of my belief in @ysjagan as people’s CM &not for any posts or nominations

Hello BJP AP, Could you please wake up and open your eyes and ears to see what was happening in Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam? How Mr.YVSubbaReddy other religion practicing person could become chairman for TTD? If it is true, this needs to be condemn.

– Sreedhar Kodali

ysjagan Requesting not to appoint Christians As TTD chairman. News Is coming that YV subbareddy will become TTD chairman as he is converted Christian. Appoint Hindu swajis guy as TTD chairman. If not no god will save our state and especially Ur next term.
– Sarveswara Reddy

I have confirmed from a very close friend of YSR family who is known to me. Double checked it with a senior in former TDP administration Both said that Subba Reddy and his wife are devout Hindus. His sister in law (Jagan’s mother) & YSR family are converts. I trust my sources.
– SV Badri

Recently supreme court had commented that Hindu temples should be managed by Hindus only

Then how @ysjagan is appointing Xtian (Reddy is fakery) Subba Reddy as Chairman of TTD Board?
– Shakuntala Iyer


  1. I think appointing a person allegedly from Christian community to head TTD is not correct.Even Supreme Court has reportedly has the same view in this matter. As such, it is better for Andra CM to appoint a person from Hindu community to head TTD a powerful and highly revered religious institution of India.Let CM not hurt the feelings of majority Hindus by creating controversies like this.Let him not think as CM he could whatever he want aginst the wishes of the people.Hope he will soon realise and recognize the sentiments of Hindus who have high esteem for reverred Sri Venkateswara and it is proper that only an Hindu to look after the affairs and not from other religions. Will Vatican tolerate an Hindu to be it’s chief executive? Secularism is not meddling with the affairs of Hindu temples and hurting sentiments of the majority community.


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