Sabarimala Virtual Q Tickets Booking Online Darshan, Check Availability

Sabarimala Virtual Q Tickets Booking Online

Sabarimala Ayappa Swami temple, one of the most visited pilgrims in Kerala state. The Number of devotees increased day by day. Here provided information regarding SabarimalaQ Login Registration process 2018, Virtual Q System process. Login, Registration process for Sabarimala Virtual Q Token online booking system for Darshan booking available here. Kerala government has given the administration and development of Sabarimala Temple to Kerala Police. mainly Pilgrims visiting the temple during the pilgrimage season from October to January. Religious importance places like Sabarimala require big protection and proper administration, Kerala Police is responsible for crowd management of devotees having darshan of Lord Ayyappan.

Sabarimala Virtual Queue Ticket Booking Online

Sabarimala Slots Virtual Q Tickets available for booking specific period time only. So the Online Virtual Q Token system was started by Kerala police for easy darshan of pilgrims. The Booking process for Millions of people will travel to Pampa entry point for trekking the holy path of Sabarimala Sannidhanam. Kerala Police has updated online portal for the Virtual queue systems at Sabarimala. To book online virtual q tickets process a Sabarimala login has many specifications. devotees from all over the world can book time slots for darshan through ‘’ website. Sabarimala Pilgrims can book their Visiting slots 6 to 8 weeks in advance in the Sabarimala Virtual-Q system. You need these details to book name, age, address, photograph, details of photo identity card, etc

Sabarimala Virtual the Q System Online Portal for Devotees to book a slot on the separate Queue maintained by Kerala Police Department. The Virtual Q Process will devotees to reserve a spot in the queue at a specified hour on any day. This helps devotees to reach Sannidhanam without waiting in the long queue usually formed at Pampa River. due to heavy devotees visit at one time, police trying their best hard to control unusual activities. The Virtual Q system generate a fixed number of coupons for every hour, devotees can plan to reach Pampa on the specified time, and enter on to the queue without any waiting. This dedicated queue will be manned by Kerala Police exclusively for those coming with the Queue coupon.

Sabarimala Virtual Q systems available to public Free of cost. The coupons and ID card will be verified by the Kerala Police, before allowing them to enter the Queue. here provided step by step instructions to book Spot at Sabarimala Virtual Q Line. Kerala Police opened an online booking service for Sabarimala devotees to have darshan at Sabarimala during the annual three-be month-long pilgrim season Online tickets booking According to the Travancore Devasom Board, close to 3.50 lakh pilgrims have booked for ‘darshan’ through the Kerala Police online Queue service facility. The Q-booking is linked to travel between Nilackal to Pamba from where the pilgrims have to walk up to the temple located on a hill.

Sabarimala Q Tickets Availability Virtual Q Coupons

The Sabarimala Tickets availability of slots can be searched by entering the number of Devotees, and the preferred time slots for a month by visiting hours. Virtual-Q-Coupon facility was provided by Kerala Police as a part of Crowd Management which in turn saves precious time for the Pilgrims. for registration If you have a log-in ID at Sabarimala tickets booking official website, sign-in and book the slot or add other devotees profile and add them to a group by creating a new Group or add to an existing group you have created. The Virtual-Q Coupon contains the date & time of darshan, name, and photograph of the pilgrim, barcode, etc.


1. Registering with Sabarimala Virtual Q Portal: A user can register into the site after a few easy steps. A user needs to register with the site to be able to get coupons.

Steps for User Registration:
1. Click on the Register button at the top right corner of the website.
2. A Page with ‘Sign Up’ form will be opened, enter a valid Email ID/Mobile number, type a password and confirm the same password. After filling the fields, click on the Register button.
3. If Email ID is used, an activation link will be sent to that email ID immediately. Check your Email account and Click on the activation link to complete the sign-up process. In case, the activation
link is not working, click on the link provided for inputting the activation code, and enter the Activation code given on the email.
4. If registered with Mobile Number, a 6 letter activation code will be sent as SMS.
5. The 6 letter code is to be typed on the box below the Code and Click ‘Activate’ button.
6. Once the verification is confirmed, you can log-in to the portal using the username(Email/Mobile Number registered) and password set by you.

2. User Login
A user can log in into the site using the email ID/Mobile Number given while Sign up.

Steps for Login:
1. Click on the Login button at the top right corner of the website.
2. In the ‘Login’ form opened, at the Username field, enter the Email id/Mobile number
3. Enter the password provided while registering.
4. Click the Login button

3. Password Reset
If a user forgets the password, there is an option to reset and get a new password.
Steps for Password Reset:

1. In the ‘Login’ form, click on the Lost your Password link.
2. In the page opened, enter the Email/Mobile and click the Verify button.
3. An email will be sent to the given Email ID with a link to the password reset page. Click on the Link.
4. In the ‘Change your password’ page opened, enter a new password and confirm the same.
5. Click on Apply the Change button
6. If registered with Mobile Number, enter the number you have registered with, a password reset code will be sent to the mobile. Enter code in the portal page displayed, Click ‘Verify’ Button.

4. Searching for Slot Availability Slots are open for booking for a period, the booking for the entire period will not be opened initially. You will be able to book the slots approximately 30 days in advance. Available slots for a particular day can be searched using the Search options in the portal. Steps to search for Slot availability:

1. Available slots can be searched using the ‘Search Availability’ option in the home page.
2. Enter the number of devotees and Month planning to visit. (Only the Months for which slots are opened will be displayed here).
3. Select from two ‘time slot preference’ options –Any Time and Specific. If ‘specific’ was selected, select the time options from the list. Click on the Search button. ‘Any Time’ will show you all slots available for the month.
4. A calendar page will open displaying the slot availability details. The Green Boxes shows the dates for which slots are available. Click on the dates in the green box to see the slots available for that day. Right side panel displays the slots available for the number you have searched for. If the Slots are available, you can proceed to Book the slot

5. Slot Booking

Steps to Slot Booking:
1. In the Calendar page displaying the slot availability, select the desired date from the ‘green’ highlighted dates. The available time slots will be displayed on the right side of the page.
2. Select a time slot and click on the ‘Book Now’ button.
3. A confirmation page will be displayed to confirm the details selected. After confirming them, click on the Proceed button.
4. In the next page, enter the details of the devotee. Select a photo ID type and enter the number of the ID. Upload a photo of the person. Click on the Book the Slots button.
5. A ‘Booking Completed’ page be will be displayed. Click on the Print Coupon button. An email will also be sent to your email ID.
6. Add a new Devotee and assign to a Group

Steps to Add Devotee:
1. In the User Profile page, click on the ‘Devotee profiles’ menu.
2. Click on the ‘Add Devotee’ link
3. Enter Devotee details and click on the Save Devotee Details button.
4. The created Devotees will be listed in the “Devotee profiles’ page.

Steps to Add Devotee to a Group:

1. In the ‘Devotee Profile’ page, select a Devotee and click on the Add to Group button
2. In the ’Add to Group’ button, enter new Group name or select a group from the list.
3. Click Add button.

7. Group Booking

Steps for Group Booking:
1. In the User Profile page, click on the ‘My Groups’ menu. The created groups will be listed on the page.
2. Select a Group and click on the Group Booking button.
3. Enter details in the ‘Search for Availability’ window opened. Click the Search button and continue with the slot booking steps.
4. Click on the ‘Add Devotee’ link


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