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Thirunallar Saneeswarar Temple Timings, Shani Temple History

Thirunallar Saneeswarar Temple Timings, Shani Temple History

Thirunallar Sri Dharbaranyeshwara Swamy Devasthanam Temple provides the better experience of millions of devotees from across the country who came to took blessings from lord Saneeshwara Bagawan to get relief from the lord during the period of Saturn transit. It is about 300 km south from Chennai and about 135 km from Pondicherry on the East coast. Thirunallara’s majority of devotees throng the temple for relief from the effects Saturn in their life.

Thirunallar Saneeswarar Temple Timings, History

Thirunallar Saneeswara Bagwan temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, as Saturn is considered to be also graceful to his devotees, the temple is also famous for Sani worship. Online facilities booking of E Pooja / Darshan / Donation Registration available.


In Thanjavur District studded with scores of temples they exit in Tirunallar near Karaikal, the former French territory, the ancient temple of Sri Darbharanyeswara. This temple was visited by the Saint Tirugnana Sambandar in the 7th century A.D. who sang paradigms (decadal verses) in praise of the Lord Siva. Likewise, his contemporary Saint Thirunavukkarasu and later, Saint Sundarar (9th century A.D.) had visited the temple and sung paradigms extolling the Lord and Saint Arunagirinathar (15th century A.D.) had also visited it and sung hymns included in his monumental work Thiruppugazh.

History Behind Name:

The name “TIRUNALLARU” represents the association of Nala, King of the Nishadha country who got his deliverance from the evil effects of Saneeshwaran (Saturn) by invoking the Lord’s mercy here. (Nala+Aru-Nallaru). The word “Aru” also conveys the meaning “to heel” and the two words taken together will mean Nala’s place of redemption or the pace where Nala secured his redemption from the hold of Saturn through the Lord’s Grace. Others are inclined to read the meaning ‘between rivers’ in the name Nallaru, as this place is situated in two rivers in the north i.e. Noolaru and Vanchiaru, and one in the south, Arasalaru.

Brahmostavam Dates: The 18-day Brammotsavam beginning on the Uthiratadhi star day in the Tamil month Vaikasi (May-June) is an important festival.

How to Reach Thirunallaru Temple:

Here provided Information about How To Reach Thirunallar Sri Saneeswara Bagwan Temple by all available ways. Air, Road, Train ways available to reach the faster temple

By Air: Thirunallar Temple by Flight way, Nearest Domestic Airport is in Trichy (Tiruchirapalli). for Flight airport connections Trichy with Internation, Domestic like Chennai, Hyderabad, and Delhi. Nearest International Airport is in Chennai (Madras). In India, we recommend the Trichy route as best. Nearby Airports are in Trichy and Chennai.

By Railways Train Facility: The nearest Railway Station is Karaikal, Mayiladuthurai. Choose Best Railway options, Karaikal is connected directly from all famous routes. Check more possibilities by Enrouting with IRCTC Map. Find connection train routes also.

Bus Services Facilities: Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation, Pondicherry Road Transport Development Corporation and other private buses are available. Mainly the Pondicherry Government provided many facilities connected to the Thirunallar temple. Taxis, Auto-rickshaws, and Local buses are also available for Easy connect.

Tamil Nadu State Express and Omnibuses are also run for pleasure travel to Chennai and Bangalore cities. Government RTC Bus facilities also worked, A lot of government buses like “SETC”, “PRTC” originating from various major cities/towns are passing through Karaikal and/or Thirunallar places. Natives of Pondicherry always prefer PRTC (Pandycherry Road Transport Corporation) buses as they reach the defined destinations sooner than any other bus services. find more new connected bus routes by visiting state government RTC official website.

Thirunallaru Temple Accommodation Room Booking Service

Accommodation type residing hall is also available at a charge of Rs. 200.00/- per person. Sanneswara Bhagawan temple Now E – Seva is available to make your worship easy with the accommodation. Online facilities to book a room online. Now you can book your room online through E – Seva Menu in the official site and book your room as per the scheduled plan.


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