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Mopidevi Temple Timings, Rahu Kethu Sarpa Dosha Pooja

Mopidevi Temple Timings, Rahu Kethu Sarpa Dosha Pooja

Mopidevi Temple Lord Subrahmanyeswara Swamy Temple is situated at a distance of nearly 70 km’s from Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh. one of must visited temple in andhra pradesh. It is well connected by transport ways buses and trains from many parts of the country. Lord Subrahmanyeswara swamy temple Four Deva Rishis viz., Sankara, Sanakasa, Sanatkumara, and Sanatsujata are known for their un-wavering devotion and saintly knowledge. They are immoral and always appear at the age of five years to others. They remained so detached from the awareness of worldly matters that they remain naked without covering their bodies. Once, they came to Kailas, the abode of Lord Shiva to worship Him.

Mopidevi Temple Timings, Rahu Kethu Sarpa Dosha Pooja Details

Mopidevi temple, At the same time, Sachi Devi, Swaha Devi, Goddess Saraswathi and Goddess Lakshmi also arrived at place. Lord Subrahmanyeswara was sitting in the lap of his mother Goddess Parvathi by that time. Lord Subrahmanyeswara as a child was bewildered at the two contrasts of fully clad Gods and Goddesses on one hand and the nude Deva rishis on the other. He giggled innocently in a childish way. Goddess Parvathi chided Lord Subrahmanyeswara for his folly. Later, Lord Subrahmanyeswara realised his lapse and took permission to do penance to get rid of the blemish.

Lord Subrahmanyeswara did the penance in disguise, in the form of a snake for many years and successfully cleansed Himself of his folly. The place where Lord Subrahmanyeswara did penance later came to be known as ‘Mopidevi’. Performs special pooja in temple. Pujas for Rahu and Ketu are performed regularly at Mopidevi Temple. Rahu ketu pooja very specia. Devotees get tonsured as part of fulfilment of their vow. Some get their children’s ears bored to get relief from Sarpa Dosha. Kala sarpa dosha pooja performed in temple. Women who want children make a cradle with a new Saree and hang it on the sacred tree here. People who want to get married soon offer Pongal made of rice and jaggery as prasadam. People suffering from poor sight, ear ailments, skin diseases, lack of progeny due to previous births’ and misdeeds etc.

Many devotees visit the temple all through the year, especially for Annadaanam and “First Cut” for children. get relief by worshiping Lord Subrahmanyeswara in Mopidevi. This temple is best known for Sarpa Dosha Nivarana Puja and Rahu Ketu Puja in South India. Swayambhu Lord Subrahmanya in the form of Shiva Lingam is the presiding deity of this ancient temple and is called “The God of Snakes”. In particular, natives who are suffering from Sarpa dosha, Rahu-Ketu dosha and Anapathya Dosha worship of Mopidevi Sri Subrahmanyeswara Swamy will be highly beneficial.

Official website – http://www.mopidevitemple.org/

How to Reach Mopidevi Temple

Mopidevi is in the Vijayawada-Avanigadda roadline. There are number of buses from Vijayawada to Avanigadda. APSRTC Provides special bus services for devotees. It takes around two hours from Vijayawada in bus via kankipadu, vuyyuru,pamarru and challapalli. Vijayawada-Nagayalanka buses also go through Mopidevi. Alternatively, share autos are available from Repalle railway station directly to Mopidevi temple. It takes hardly 20–30 minutes (since the penumudi bridge is opened in 2006). Andhra pradesh state government provides best facilities. This is the best option for those who prefer Train (Guntur/Tenali to Repalle) over bus.


Lord Subramanya Swami temple at Mopidevi village is at a distance of around 7 km from Avanigadda, 30 km from Machilipatnam, 70 km from Vijayawada and 77 km from Guntur city.

Mopidevi Temple Rahu Ketu Dosha Puja

Mopidevi Temple Kala Sarpa, Rahu ketu dosha puja Many devotees visit Mopidevi temple and worship Lord Subrahmanyeswar Swamy as a remedy for Rahu Ketu Dosha and Sarpa Dosha. devotees can book time schedule online. Sri Subrahmanyeswara Swamy Temple At Mopidevi

Nearby Temple Attractions:

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Pedakallepalli Durga Nageswara Swamy Temple (8 km)
Srikakuleswara Swamy Temple in Srikakulam (18 km)
Kanaka Durga Temple in Vijayawada (77 km)

Mopidevi Temple Online

Mopidevi temple

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Mopidevi temple timings

Mopidevi temple kalyanam


Mopidevi Temple Timings:

Mopidevi temple timings are mentioned in the following table just for reference.

Morning:- 5.30 AM to 1.00 PM
Evening:- 4.00 PM to 8.00 PM


Contact Us:

Website: www.mopidevitemple.org
Sri Subrahmanyeswara Swamy (08671) 257240, (08671) 257370
Sri Durga Nageswara Swamy Temple (08671) 275230
Sri Kakuleswara Swamy Temple (08671) 255238

The Executive Officer Sri Subrahmanyeswara Swamy Devasthanam.
Mopidevi Village, Mopidevi – Mandal. Krishna District.
Pin – 521125,Andhra Pradesh, INDIA
Devasthanam Phone number – (+91) 08671 257240
Executive Officer (Office) – (+91) 08671 257240
Sri Subrahmanyeswara Swamy Temple – (08671) 257240, (08671) 257370
Sri Durga Nageswara Swamy Temple – (08671) 275230
Sri Kakuleswara Swamy Temple – (08671) 255238

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