Banyan tree Vatavrukshanthargtha Malladi Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple

Tirumala Tirupati Srinivasa Murthy in Marrichettu. Lord Sri Venkateswara came into existence in a Banyan tree. The location is Amaravathi, Guntur districts. This temple situated on the bank of River Krishna just in order to get his splendor and glory exhibited first time ever in history.

భక్తుడు నాటిన మర్రిచెట్టులో వెలసిన శ్రీ వేంకటేశ్వరస్వామి

Malladi Venkatewara temple with the blessings of Lord Venkatesha started many programs. Kalyanam, Donations, Annadanam prasadam. For this noble cause, Malladi Venkateswara swami Temple’s Annadanam was started on a small scale in 2006 by feeding 25 devotees every Saturday after everlasting Srinivasa Kalyanam and now Malladi Venkateswara swami Temple is providing full meals freely to 100 devotees on every Saturday by the donations from great devotees.

Banyan tree Vatavrukshanthargtha Malladi Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple

Check Out History, Story behind temple on youtube video.


May Lord Balaji Venkateswara shower his choicest blessings on you and your families. Shri Venketeswara Swami appeared himself in this Banyan tree. In other words, He is a self-existent being here and get blessed by Lord Srinivasa, an inhabitant of Malladi, a place of pilgrimage.


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