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Alampur Jogulamba

Alampur Jogulamba Devi temple in Jogulamba Gadwal district, Telangana is one of the famous 18 Shakti Peethas in India. Alampur Jogamba temple is one of the famous temple in Telangana state. The Jogamba or Yogamba (Jogulamba) temple is present at the union of two sacred Hindu rivers Krishna and Tungabhadra. River joint Sanganam auspicious place. It is a popular tourist destination in Telangana.

Alampur Jogulamba Devi Temple Timings, Gadwal

Gadwal district temple architecture great works. On the banks of Tungabadhra, where the coracles float by in the rippling waters, stands one of the Maha Shakthi peetha where Goddess Sati’s jaw is believed to have fallen. history speaks about temple much as the Goddess of Jogulamba is Ugra rupa, fierce and hard to please. The original temple was razed during the Muslim invasion. The locals hid the idol in the nearby Bala Brahmeshwara temple. The new temple was built in 2005 on the spot where the old shrine stood.

Jogulamba Temple Alampur is visited daily by lakhs of devotees for holy darshan of Nava Brahmas. on this temple special occasions Maha shivaratri, Makar Sankranti, Purnami festival celebrated grand manners. This Many devotees came for holy darshan during famous festivals like Dusherra & Sharan Navaratri utsavams performed special poojas. Devotees should check Alampur Jogulamba Temple Pooja Timings, Location, Place, Aarti Pooja timings, Darshan Timings along with Opening Time & closing times.

Alampur is also famous for Navabrahma Temples. Many lakhs of devotees visited the temple and took blessings. local duties believe Navabrahma kills negative shades of life, passing all positive energy Vibrations. There are 9 Nava Brahma Temples dedicated to Lord Siva of which only Bala Brahma temple is completely opened for the visitors. Lord Brahma, the creator of the Universe, is worshipped at Alampur in his nine aspects.

1. Taraka Brahma Temple
2. Swarga Brahma Temple
3. Padma Brahma Temple
4. Bala Brahma Temple
5. Vishwa Brahma Temple
6. Garuda Brahma Temple
7. Kumara Brahma Temple
8. Arka Brahma Temple
9. Vira Brahma Temple

Jogulamba Temple History

Know more interesting things and History about Jogulamba Devi temple. The new temple of Jogulamba was constructed in 2005. It follows the Dravidian style of architecture and has a tiered gopuram adorned with colorful sculptures. gopuram designs and idols on temple walls took over memories kings age. The idol of Devi is in a sitting position and has a huge amount of hair. There are a lizard, scorpion, bat and human skull in it.

Sri Jogulamba Devi Alampur Temple Timings

Darsan Info Timings for Sri Jogulamba Devi Temple timings- 7 AM to 1 PM and 2 PM to 8:30 PM. Tuesday and Friday are considered auspicious to visit Devi temples. the heavy crowd gathered on Fridays. Alampur Jogulamba Temple Darshan Timings and special pooja performed as per time.
Days: Darshan Timings
Monday to Sunday 5:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Monday to Sunday 2:00 PM to 8:30 PM

Darsan Dress code

No Particular dress code for visiting. but Ladies wear sarees, Dress. Jeans and shorts are not allowed. Devotees are advised to wear clean and conservative attire.

The Jogamba or Yogamba (Jogulamba) temple is present at the union of two sacred Hindu rivers Krishna and Tungabhadra. Very near temple for Hyderabad. Every weekend many employees, Students visiting Ammavaru. The temple architecture is wonderful and the place is surrounded by Nallamala hills. Goddess Alampur Jogulamba is also known as Gruha Chandi is present in sitting posture and devotees can observe Lizard, skull, Bat and Scorpion adorned in her hair at the time puja aarti.

This is an ancient Hindu temple which was completely knocked down during the Muslim invasions in the 14th century. The temple is renovated and reconstructed recently in the year 2005. new modifications are done in recent times. Jogulamba Temple and Brahmeshwara Temple are the predominant deities at the Alampur Temple. Alampur temple town is present on the left bank of the sacred Tungabhadra river.

Alampur Jogulamba Temple Darshan Ticket Fare Details :

Childless Couple Pooja Price: Rs. 800/-
Abhishekam Ticket Price: Rs.200/-
Rudrabhishekam Price: Rs.200/-
Kumkum Archana Price: Rs.300/-

How to Reach Alampur Temple :

By Road: Alampur is a temple-town situated in Mahbubnagar district, in the state of Telangana, India. Many buses are available from Hyderabad. It is located at about 90 km from Mahabubnagar, 27 km From Kurnool and 200 km from Hyderabad. The Andhra Pradesh State Transport Corporation (APSRTC) and Telangana State Transport Corporation (TSRTC) run regulars bus services to the Temple.

By Rail: The nearest Railway Station to the temple is Mahbubnagar railway station.

Alampur Temple Address, Contact details Phone numbers

Alampur Temple Road, Alampur, Gadwal, Telangana , Pincode : 509152 .

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